// Interface allows more than one backing blockchain source, such as a
// btcd RPC chain server, or an SPV library, as long as we write a driver for
// it.
type Interface interface {
	Start() error
	GetBestBlock() (*chainhash.Hash, int32, error)
	GetBlock(*chainhash.Hash) (*wire.MsgBlock, error)
	GetBlockHash(int64) (*chainhash.Hash, error)
	GetBlockHeader(*chainhash.Hash) (*wire.BlockHeader, error)
	FilterBlocks(*FilterBlocksRequest) (*FilterBlocksResponse, error)
	BlockStamp() (*waddrmgr.BlockStamp, error)
	SendRawTransaction(*wire.MsgTx, bool) (*chainhash.Hash, error)
	// Rescan wraps the normal Rescan command with an additional paramter that
	// allows us to map an oupoint to the address in the chain that it pays to.
	// This is useful when using BIP 158 filters as they include the prev pkScript
	// rather than the full outpoint.
	Rescan(*chainhash.Hash, []btcutil.Address, map[wire.OutPoint]btcutil.Address) error
	NotifyReceived([]btcutil.Address) error
	NotifyBlocks() error
	Notifications() <-chan interface{}
	BackEnd() string

目前总共有三种连接方式,分别是btcd,neutrino,bitcoind,目前默认使用的是btcd. bitcoind实际上根本没启用

btcd client


  1. 函数调用.
  2. channel 异步通知


除了Notify开头的几个函数,其他都是. 其中NotifyReceived([]btcutil.Address) error用于通知新收到了UTXO,NotifyBlocks() error用于告诉btcd,如果产生了新块或者发生了分叉通知我. 通知内容有:

// Notification types.  These are defined here and processed from from reading
// a notificationChan to avoid handling these notifications directly in
// rpcclient callbacks, which isn't very Go-like and doesn't allow
// blocking client calls.
type (
	// ClientConnected is a notification for when a client connection is
	// opened or reestablished to the chain server.
	ClientConnected struct{}

	// BlockConnected is a notification for a newly-attached block to the
	// best chain.
	BlockConnected wtxmgr.BlockMeta
	// BlockDisconnected is a notifcation that the block described by the
	// BlockStamp was reorganized out of the best chain.
	BlockDisconnected wtxmgr.BlockMeta

	// RelevantTx is a notification for a transaction which spends wallet
	// inputs or pays to a watched address.
	RelevantTx struct {
		TxRecord *wtxmgr.TxRecord
		Block    *wtxmgr.BlockMeta // nil if unmined

	// RescanProgress is a notification describing the current status
	// of an in-progress rescan.
	RescanProgress struct {
		Hash   *chainhash.Hash
		Height int32
		Time   time.Time

	// RescanFinished is a notification that a previous rescan request
	// has finished.
	RescanFinished struct {
		Hash   *chainhash.Hash
		Height int32
		Time   time.Time
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