1. waddrmgrNamespaceKey

1.1 mainBucketName
    stores the encrypted crypto keys that encrypt all other generated keys
1.2 syncBucketName
    stores the current sync state of the root manager.
1.3 scopeBucketName
            scopeBucketNme is the name of the top-level bucket within the
            hierarchy. It maps: purpose || coinType to a new sub-bucket that
            will house a scoped address manager. All buckets below are a child
            of this bucket:

            scopeBucket -> scope -> acctBucketName //account id=>dbDefaultAccountRow
            scopeBucket -> scope -> addrBucketName //addressID Hash=>dbAddressRow
            scopeBucket -> scope -> usedAddrBucketName // 一个地址是否被使用
            scopeBucket -> scope -> addrAcctIdxBucketName //addressID hash => account id
            scopeBucket -> scope -> acctNameIdxBucketName //accountName => account_id
            scopeBucket -> scope -> acctIDIdxBucketName //account_id => accountName
            scopeBucket -> scope -> metaBucket //metaData
            scopeBucket -> scope -> metaBucket -> lastAccountNameKey //manager中的最后一个account
            scopeBucket -> scope -> coinTypePrivKey //后面这两个代码没看到
            scopeBucket -> scope -> coinTypePubKey

目前已知的Scope有KeyScopeBIP0044,KeyScopeBIP0049Plus等 从这里也看出比特币的Key是树形结构,

1.4 scopeSchemaBucketName
scopeSchemaBucket is the name of the bucket that maps a particular
manager scope to the type of addresses that should be derived for
particular branches during key derivation.
	// KeyScopeBIP0049Plus is the key scope of our modified BIP0049
	// derivation. We say this is BIP0049 "plus", as we'll actually use
	// p2wkh change all change addresses.
	KeyScopeBIP0049Plus = KeyScope{
		Purpose: 49,
		Coin:    0,

	// KeyScopeBIP0084 is the key scope for BIP0084 derivation. BIP0084
	// will be used to derive all p2wkh addresses.
	KeyScopeBIP0084 = KeyScope{
		Purpose: 84,
		Coin:    0,

	// KeyScopeBIP0044 is the key scope for BIP0044 derivation. Legacy
	// wallets will only be able to use this key scope, and no keys beyond
	// it.
	KeyScopeBIP0044 = KeyScope{
		Purpose: 44,
		Coin:    0,

	// DefaultKeyScopes is the set of default key scopes that will be
	// created by the root manager upon initial creation.
	DefaultKeyScopes = []KeyScope{

	// ScopeAddrMap is a map from the default key scopes to the scope
	// address schema for each scope type. This will be consulted during
	// the initial creation of the root key manager.
	ScopeAddrMap = map[KeyScope]ScopeAddrSchema{
		KeyScopeBIP0049Plus: {
			ExternalAddrType: NestedWitnessPubKey,
			InternalAddrType: WitnessPubKey,
		KeyScopeBIP0084: {
			ExternalAddrType: WitnessPubKey,
			InternalAddrType: WitnessPubKey,
		KeyScopeBIP0044: {
			InternalAddrType: PubKeyHash,
			ExternalAddrType: PubKeyHash,


// AddressType represents the various address types waddrmgr is currently able
// to generate, and maintain.
// NOTE: These MUST be stable as they're used for scope address schema
// recognition within the database.
type AddressType uint8

const (
	// PubKeyHash is a regular p2pkh address.
	PubKeyHash AddressType = iota

	// Script reprints a raw script address.

	// RawPubKey is just raw public key to be used within scripts, This
	// type indicates that a scoped manager with this address type
	// shouldn't be consulted during historical rescans.

	// NestedWitnessPubKey represents a p2wkh output nested within a p2sh
	// output. Using this address type, the wallet can receive funds from
	// other wallet's which don't yet recognize the new segwit standard
	// output types. Receiving funds to this address maintains the
	// scalability, and malleability fixes due to segwit in a backwards
	// compatible manner.

	// WitnessPubKey represents a p2wkh (pay-to-witness-key-hash) address
	// type.

// ManagedAddress is an interface that provides acces to information regarding
// an address managed by an address manager. Concrete implementations of this
// type may provide further fields to provide information specific to that type
// of address.
type ManagedAddress interface {
	// Account returns the account the address is associated with.
	Account() uint32

	// Address returns a btcutil.Address for the backing address.
	Address() btcutil.Address

	// AddrHash returns the key or script hash related to the address
	AddrHash() []byte

	// Imported returns true if the backing address was imported instead
	// of being part of an address chain.
	Imported() bool

	// Internal returns true if the backing address was created for internal
	// use such as a change output of a transaction.
	Internal() bool

	// Compressed returns true if the backing address is compressed.
	Compressed() bool

	// Used returns true if the backing address has been used in a transaction.
	Used(ns walletdb.ReadBucket) bool

	// AddrType returns the address type of the managed address. This can
	// be used to quickly discern the address type without further
	// processing
	AddrType() AddressType

// ManagedPubKeyAddress extends ManagedAddress and additionally provides the
// public and private keys for pubkey-based addresses.
type ManagedPubKeyAddress interface {

	// PubKey returns the public key associated with the address.
	PubKey() *btcec.PublicKey

	// ExportPubKey returns the public key associated with the address
	// serialized as a hex encoded string.
	ExportPubKey() string

	// PrivKey returns the private key for the address.  It can fail if the
	// address manager is watching-only or locked, or the address does not
	// have any keys.
	PrivKey() (*btcec.PrivateKey, error)

	// ExportPrivKey returns the private key associated with the address
	// serialized as Wallet Import Format (WIF).
	ExportPrivKey() (*btcutil.WIF, error)

	// DerivationInfo contains the information required to derive the key
	// that backs the address via traditional methods from the HD root. For
	// imported keys, the first value will be set to false to indicate that
	// we don't know exactly how the key was derived.
	DerivationInfo() (KeyScope, DerivationPath, bool)

// ManagedScriptAddress extends ManagedAddress and represents a pay-to-script-hash
// style of bitcoin addresses.  It additionally provides information about the
// script.
type ManagedScriptAddress interface {

	// Script returns the script associated with the address.
	Script() ([]byte, error)

managedAddress 表示在ScopedKeyManager下面的地址,P2PubKey类型的地址,无论是否知道私钥,都可以放在这里. scriptAddress 表示在ScopedKeyManager下面的地址,类型是P2SH类型




// Manager represents a concurrency safe crypto currency address manager and
// key store.
type Manager struct {
	mtx sync.RWMutex

	// scopedManager is a mapping of scope of scoped manager, the manager
	// itself loaded into memory.
	scopedManagers map[KeyScope]*ScopedKeyManager

	externalAddrSchemas map[AddressType][]KeyScope
	internalAddrSchemas map[AddressType][]KeyScope

	syncState    syncState
	watchingOnly bool
	birthday     time.Time
	locked       bool
	closed       bool
	chainParams  *chaincfg.Params

	// masterKeyPub is the secret key used to secure the cryptoKeyPub key
	// and masterKeyPriv is the secret key used to secure the cryptoKeyPriv
	// key.  This approach is used because it makes changing the passwords
	// much simpler as it then becomes just changing these keys.  It also
	// provides future flexibility.
	// NOTE: This is not the same thing as BIP0032 master node extended
	// key.
	// The underlying master private key will be zeroed when the address
	// manager is locked.
	masterKeyPub  *snacl.SecretKey
	masterKeyPriv *snacl.SecretKey

	// cryptoKeyPub is the key used to encrypt public extended keys and
	// addresses.
	cryptoKeyPub EncryptorDecryptor

	// cryptoKeyPriv is the key used to encrypt private data such as the
	// master hierarchical deterministic extended key.
	// This key will be zeroed when the address manager is locked.
	cryptoKeyPrivEncrypted []byte
	cryptoKeyPriv          EncryptorDecryptor

	// cryptoKeyScript is the key used to encrypt script data.
	// This key will be zeroed when the address manager is locked.
	cryptoKeyScriptEncrypted []byte
	cryptoKeyScript          EncryptorDecryptor

	// privPassphraseSalt and hashedPrivPassphrase allow for the secure
	// detection of a correct passphrase on manager unlock when the
	// manager is already unlocked.  The hash is zeroed each lock.
	privPassphraseSalt   [saltSize]byte
	hashedPrivPassphrase [sha512.Size]byte

注意其中的lock是账户所动,unlock是凭密码解锁钱包, 也就是说平时钱包里的私钥都是以密文保存的, 这是一种比较安全的实现,如果lock,会把保存的铭文私钥以及密码都清空的.

ScopedKeyManager 对应着具体的某个子账户

m/purpose'/cointype' 下面某个账户的key的管理



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